Several Important Approaches to Flame Retardant of Rubber


Several Important Approaches to Flame Retardant of Rubber

The main way of rubber flame retardant is to slow down the thermal decomposition, blocking the combustion process, the specific flame retardant pathways are as follows:

(1) Adding one or more substances to change the thermal decomposition behavior of the rubber, so that the prepared rubber thermal decomposition temperature becomes high, and reduce the decomposition of the flammable gases.

(2) The added substance can produce incombustible gas at the time of heat, or produce a viscous substance that is separated from O2, or can absorb heat when heated so that it can not satisfy the three elements of combustion (combustible, oxygen, reaching the ignition).flame-retardant-of-rubber

(3) To join the material can capture HO, interrupt chain reaction 1, so that the flame propagation termination.

(4) To change the structure or nature of the rubber molecular chain, to improve the thermal decomposition capacity or to have its own flame retardant.

As the rubber and a variety of additives have the better compatibility, so add all kinds of flame retardants is still an important means of rubber flame retardant modification.

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