Steady development of automobiles drives rubber additives

Steady development of automobiles drives rubber additives

The global automobile industry has been steadily launched, driving the consumption of rubber chemicals. The output of China’s rubber chemicals accounts for more than 70% of the world’s total, environmental protection tightens, supply is shortened, and prices rise substantially in 2017, and it is estimated that it will be stable in 2018.

Let’s take a closer look at the results report for 2017. We will find that the annual revenue for 2017 will increase by 32%, stating that the company’s plans are expanding. From a quarterly perspective, the fourth quarter results will increase by 60% from the previous quarter and the results will increase significantly. Rubber auxiliaries occupations are greatly affected by environmental protection. In 2017, the company tightened its domestic environmental protection policies, and when the production capacity of rubber auxiliaries was partially sifted, the market share was further expanded with the skills and environmental advantages, and the sales volume of products increased and fluctuate. .

We believe that the company’s revenue plan as the first domestic listed company for rubber chemicals is likely to be the forerunner of profitability. The effect of stricter environmental protection in 2017 will continue to increase the company’s surplus ability. The expected difference in performance in 2018 is greater.


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