About Us

Nanjing Union Rubber Chemicals Co. Ltd. (NURCHEM) is the leading supplier and manufacturer for rubber chemicals and plastic additives in China. We are also the main importer for Natural and Synthetic Rubber in China. With the experienced staff who have been involving in the field of over one decade, We have established the strategic partner relationship with the main manufacturers of rubber chemicals and plastic additives in China. Our aim is to serve the industry of Rubber and Plastic with our high quality materials, professional services and sincerity.

With the sole agent agreement for certain overseas market with the top manufacturers in China, NURCHEM can supply the High Quality products on Competitive Prices, Stable Supply and On-Time Delivery.

Experienced Staff involving in Rubber and Plastic Field for over 10 years. NURCHEM knows the supply Situation in China and the overseas customers’ need clearly and exactly.

Full Range products Supplied which enable us to serve our customers with One-Stop purchasing. NURCHEM can supply the full range of rubber chemicals and plastic additives for the rubber and plastic industry. At the same time, we are also dealing with the importing of Natural/Synthetic Rubber and chemicals from foreign countries. Our aim is to establish the mutual partner relationship with our suppliers and customers.

For Europe market, NURCHEM has done the REACH pre-registration for most of his strategic products. NURCHEM knows the regulation and requirement of EU professionally.

NURCHEM, your reliable partner for rubber chemicals, plastic Additives, natural rubber and Synthetic rubber in China