The carbon black fineness affects other properties of carbon black

The carbon black fineness affects other properties of carbon black

The fineness of carbon black refers to the original particle size, which has direct impact on the blackness of carbon black, dispersion, color strength, wetting, etc., the following to briefly introduce several indicators affected by carbon black particle size.

1.The smaller the original particle size of carbon black, the finer fineness, with nm, the higher the blackness, the stronger the tinting power. Can meet the production needs of high-quality products.

2.But because the particle size is too fine, there is more space between the carbon black particles, there is a lot of air between these gaps, in the wet when it takes longer, so the smaller the particle size of the high pigment Carbon black will spend more time before dispersing.

3.The finer the particle size, the dispersion is more difficult, in the dispersion of the need for greater force, this type of carbon black in the completion of the original production, the need for a series of post-processing to increase the surface of pigment black particles active substances Improve its dispersion.

So the fineness of carbon black is not the bigger the better or the smaller the better, need to remain within a certain range, as to the specific value needs to according to the most suitable range of the carbon black products.

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