Reasons of rubber additives price rising in December


Reasons of rubber additives price rising in December

1.The North continued haze weather and government environmental supervision, resulting in limited capacity.

◇ Rubber chemicals included in the chemical industry, and a lot of additives in the production process will produce waste water and waste gas, especially the acid-base method of M. Environmental inspection will inevitably affect the industry supply and demand imbalance, the company operating costs increase caused by product prices.
◇ 10-11 month in Shandong Central Environmental Protection Group, led to local inspection and production enterprises affected greatly from the beginning of rubber-acceleratormid-November to December fog haze in the north struck, leading to the majority of local enterprises are still in limited production status. The Shandong, Henan, Tianjin rubber accelerator is the main producing areas, also affected by its impact on the overall supply of rubber accelerator industry too.

2.Rubber chemicals used in the production of broad based raw materials.

Aniline, carbon disulfide, sulfur, zinc oxide, various types of amines and other chemical raw materials prices, the promotion of M by aniline and other raw material prices (of which 11-12 months aniline rose actually reached 21%), increase production costs, to promote series of accelerator product price rise which with M as the raw material .

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