Fillers- JHR300

Fillers- JHR300

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Eco-Friendly Reinforcing Agent JHR-300


JHR-300 is produced by the selected natural silicate which has layered structure. Due to the special layered structure,JHR-300 has the excellent barrier property. This product is recommended to be used in the recipe of inner liner, inner tube and bladders.


  • Good reinforcing property, similar to N660
  • Adjust the rubber coordination system (such as NR/CIIR from 30/70to 40/60) without any compromise on the airtight performance.
  • Replace carbon back by double or triple times dosage without any compromise on the mechanical property.


AppearanceWhite free flowing powder
PH value6-8
Ignition loss7% max.
Volatile matter(105℃)1% max.


Used in the inner liner or inner tube of different kind of tires such as hand-cart tires, all-steel and semi-steel redial tires. diagonal tires, redial tires, motocycle tires, etc.

Inner liner of different products, such as bladders

In order to get the good mechanical and physical properties, we recommend to add JHR-300 into the compound before adding carbon black, do not add JHR-300 together with the processing oil.


Package and storage:


25kg paper bag with PE-inlay.

Stored under dry, clean conditions, protected against exposure to direct sunlight and other substances, Used within twelve months from the date of manufacture.