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Rubber Deodorant JHD-100

JHD-100 is a special fillers made by treating the selected siliceous which has a mono-pore structure with our special technology. This product has an unique structure which can capture, neutralize and absorb the irritant and terrible smell of different chemicals and the harmful volatile residues, such as Benzene, Ammonia, Formaldehye, chlorine ,etc. This product can reduce the VOC of the product dramatically.

JHD-100 can remove the smell caused by the rubber additives or by the rubber itself. So it is also recommended to be used in the processing of the reclaim rubber products.

Due to the excellent compatibility with different kind of polymers, this product can be effective for a long time in the polymers with very little dosage. JHD-100 is a heat-resistant product which can by used under the condition of high temperature. JHD-100 also has some kind of function of lubrication and anti-adhesion in rubber compound.

JHD-100 is a nontoxic and ECO-friendly product, conforms to the regulations of ROHS of EU.


Seals, tires, tape, hose, etc..

Use guideline:

Dosage: 0.5-1.0%

Add during the process of mixing, together with sulfur.

Package and Storage:

25kg fiber drum

Stored under dry clean conditions, protected against exposure to direct sunlight and other substances, Used within twelve months of the date of manufacture.