Brightening agent—JHP100

Brightening agent—JHP100

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JHP-100 is a kind of product consist of high purity low molecular weight PE.


  • Low viscosity
  • High softening point
  • Good hardness
  • Good Dispersion property
  • Non-toxic
  • Thermo resistance
  • Low volatilizing under high temperature.
  • Excellent external lubrication property
  • Good internal lubrication property
  • Good media resistance (water, oil, chemicals)
  • Electrical resistance (compare with Carbon Black)


  • Improve the brightness and smoothness of the surface of rubber component, especially for the component made of polar rubber
  • Improve the fluidity of rubber compounds.
  • Improve the inadequate venting of the molded parts.
  • Improve the molding speed




Viscosity (CPS140℃)150-300
Heating Loss %0.5 max.



Different kind of rubber, such as NR,NBR,SBR,CR,BR,EPDM

Different kind of rubber component such as seals and hose.

Package and storage:


25kg plastic woven bag

Stored under dry, clean conditions, protected against exposure to direct sunlight and other substances, Used within twelve months from the date of manufacture.