The Problems of Domestic Rubber Additives

The Problems of Domestic Rubber Additives

1.Additives product structure and variety structure is irrational, uneven quality. For example, in order to meet the requirements of high temperature, fast and efficient rubber processing technology, a large amount of efficient sulfonamide accelerators have been used abroad (the amount of which has reached 55% of the total market of accelerators), easy to prepare, low-tech thiazole accelerators The proportion has dropped to 28%. While the opposite is true, thiazole derivatives still dominate the promoter market (about 43%).

2.The production scale is small, the leading auxiliary product research and development lag. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the implementation of mergers and acquisitions among the famous international companies, relying on technology and development as a trend. Domestic small and medium-sized manufacturers of many small, weak technical research, lack of funds, has seriously hampered the development of enterprises and market competition with the strength of the new rubber additives development;

3.The production process waste serious pollution.

4.Green trade barriers, as domestic rubber chemicals and their products export barriers. In particular, involving the carcinogenic toxicity of naphthylamine antioxidant, can break down the nitrosoamine accelerator, rubber products have been banned in Western countries, but the domestic R & D production is relatively lagging behind.

5.Additives production of intermediates, raw materials and product development does not match.



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