The molding process of rubber products


The molding process of rubber products

In the production of rubber products, the use of calendering machine or extruder preformed in a variety of shapes, different sizes of the process, called the molding. Forming methods are:

Rolling is suitable for the manufacture of simple sheet, plate products. It is the compound by pressing the press pressed into a certain shape, a certain size of the film method is called rolling forming. Some rubber products (such as tires, tape, hose, etc.) used in textile fiber materials, must be coated with a layer of thin plastic (glue on the fiber is also called glue or rubbing), coating process is generally completed on the calender. The fiber material is required to be dried and dipped prior to calendering. The purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture content of the fibrous material (in order to avoid water vaporization) and to increase the temperature of the fibrous material to ensure the quality of the calendering process. Dipping is the necessary process before hanging glue, the purpose is to improve the bonding properties of fiber materials and rubber.rubber-products

Extrusion molding for the more complex rubber products, such as tire tread, hose, wire surface coating needs to be made by extrusion molding method. It is a plastic with a certain plastic, into the extruder hopper, under the extrusion of the screw, through a variety of mouth (also called the template) for a continuous modeling of a method. The Before the pressure, the rubber must be preheated, so that the rubber material is soft, easy to squeeze, so as to get the surface smooth, accurate size rubber products.

Mold molding can also be used to create some of the shape of the complex shape (such as the bowl, the ring) of the rubber products, with the formation of the yin and yang mold, the compound placed in the mold heating molding.

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