Nurcacit ADC

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CHEMICAL NAME: AzodicarbonamideTechnical Data Sheet download

It is one of the most widely applied blowing agents. Frothing can be performed at normal pressure or increased pressure. It is widely used for frothing EVA, PE, natural rubber and PVC+NBR mixture etc., especially for large-mould hot press frothing and small-mould hot press frothing of EVAMD shoes material. It enables the frothed products to have an outstanding property; especially it is favorable for increasing the extensibility of goods and obtaining more outstanding aperture structure.

AppearanceLight yellow powder
Average particle size(Dn)  μm≤33-44-66-88-1010-1313-1616-25
Gas yield  ml/g   ≥(20°c,101325Pa)220220220220220220220220
Decomposition temp.  °c  ≥200200200200200200200200
Sieve residues(sieve pore 38μm) %  ≤
Heating decrement  %   ≤
Purity  %  ≤
Ash Content  %   ≤
PH value6.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.56.5-7.5
PACKAGING:25k(net)paper bag with PE Inlay

Shelf Life: 24 months under good storage conditions