Nurcastab DBDPE | Flame Retardant

Nurcastab DBDPE | Flame Retardant

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CHEMICAL NAME: 2,2′,3,3′,4,4′,5,5′,6,6′-DecabromobibenzylTechnical Data Sheet download

CAS NO.: 84852-53-9

As a kind of nontoxic, odorless and noncorrosive white powder insoluble in water, alcohol, acetone, benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbon, it is a new, broad-spectrum, efficient, additive and eco-friendly fire retardant. Featuring quite excellent thermal stability and high bromine content, strong UV light capacity and low toxicity, it is widely applied in styrene polymers, engineering thermoplastic plastics, wire and cable claddings, insulators, elastomers and thermosetting plastic, etc.

Equivalent to: Saytex 8010

Appearance:White powder
Whiteness(ISO) min.88
Free Bromine Content(mg/kg) max.10
Volatile(%) max.0.1
Bromide (as Br)(mg/kg) max.100
DBDPE assay(%) min.97.0
Organic bromine(%) min.81.0
D(50)(um) max.5
Melting Point(℃) min.340
PACKAGING:25kg(net) paper bag with PE-inlay