Nurcacit PEG | Surface Activator

Nurcacit PEG | Surface Activator

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CHEMICAL NAME: Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)Technical Data Sheet download

Nurcacit PEGs is Polyoxyethylene glycol ethers of ethylene glycol with molecular weight from 1500-9000, nonionic types.

Product Form:PEG 4000PEG 6000PEG 8000
Appearance:Milky white solidMilky white solidMilky white solid
Color (Pt-Co)(#) max.504050
Molecular Weight3700-43005500-70007200-8800
Hydroxyl valueMg KOH/1g of product26-3216-20.412-16
PH Value of 1% aqueous solution5.0-7.05.0-7.05.0-7.0
Bag:25kg paper bag with PE-inlay
Or other kind of package clients need


Shelf Life: 12 months from the production date