Antimony Trioxide | Flame Retardant

Antimony Trioxide | Flame Retardant

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CHEMICAL NAME: Antimony TrioxideTechnical Data Sheet download

CAS NO.:  1309-64-4

Widely applied as anti-flaming agent in PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS, PU and other plastic and rubber component, with high anti-flaming efficiency, producing less effect on mechanic performance of basic materials(e.g. fire control uniforms, gloves,case of anti-flaming electronic equipment, anti-flaming carriage, anti-flaming wire and cable, etc.)

Whiteness  min96
Average grain size(μm)0.9-1.6
Sb2O3 content% min99.8
AS2O3% max.0.05
PbO% max.0.08
Fe2O3% max.0.005
CuO% max.0.002
Se% max.0.004
PACKAGING:25kg paper bag with PE-Inlay

Pallet weight:1000Kg