Egg shell and tomato skin can enhance the rubber properties

Egg shell and tomato skin can enhance the rubber properties

It is reported that car tires contain about 30% of carbon black, and this part of the carbon black is processed to increase the use of rubber for the durability. Carbon black is a product of carbon and other carbonaceous materials that are not completely burned or thermally decomposed under conditions of insufficient air, which means that it is not an environmentally friendly product. And now a group of Ohio State University scientists led by Katrina Cornish are trying to develop a more environmentally friendly alternative to egg shell and tomato skin.

Researchers obtained egg shells and tomato skins in the form of food industry wastes and dried them, followed by grinding. The researchers said that when these powders were added to the rubber, the rubber became stronger and kept elastic (by contrast, most of the reinforcing agent reduced the elasticity of the rubber).

The researchers believe that this is because the porous egg shell particles have a large surface area, allowing contact with rubber, and tomato skin particles at high temperatures can maintain a high degree of stability, plus they contain tough fibers.

Cornish said the group Ohio State University’s technology should contribute to the sustainability of tire production, reduce dependence on oil, and make efficient use of landfill waste for food industry.

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