The appearance changing of rubber antioxidant


The appearance changing of rubber antioxidant

With working and development of the rubber aging process, rubber and its products will gradually reduce the performance or complete loss its value. In order to extend the service life of rubber products, it is necessary in the rubber with some of the material can inhibit the aging process, thereby extending the rubber and its products storage period and service life. These substances are called antioxidants.

Rubber aging phenomenon of a variety of softening sticky, harden and brittle, after sun and rain after the discoloration, cracking, etc., in addition to some products will be the role of hydrolysis and the occurrence of fracture or the role of mold caused by breaking fast , The aging process is an irreversible chemical reaction, along with the appearance, structure, performance changes. Here to tell you about the appearance of rubber antioxidant changes.rubber-antioxidant1

Rubber antioxidant – rubber varieties are different, the use conditions are different , the changes are also different.

Softening sticky: natural rubber thermal oxidation, chloroprene rubber aging.

Harden brittle: butadiene rubber thermal aging, nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber aging.

Cracking: Unsaturated rubber ozone aging, most of the rubber of light and oxygen aging, but the crack shape is not the same.

Mold: Bio-microbial aging of rubber.

In addition, there are: spots, cracks, spray cream, whitening white and so on.

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