China ‘s tire leveraging “one belt,one road” policy

China ‘s tire leveraging “one belt,one road” policy

On October 18th, the new party congress was opened at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Before the meeting, the press spokesman for the conference briefed the media on the preparation of the meeting and the questions and answered questions.

When talking about “one belt,one road”, the spokesman said that the “one belt,one road” initiative has always adhered to the principle of “discussing, building and sharing”, insisting on equal consultation and fully respecting the independent choice of all countries and insisting on not adding any political conditions.

This is all countries regardless of size, rich and poor, strong and weak, all equal treatment, joint participation in cooperation.

According to the tire world network to understand, in the tire industry, with the “one belt,one road” of the ride, Chinese enterprises in the “going out” process has made remarkable achievements.

“One belt,one road” along the country and region, as China’s tire exports, investment in an important area.

In addition, the spokesman said, “Made in China 2025” and related policy measures, equally applicable to all enterprises in China, domestic and foreign-funded enterprises equally.

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