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TR-901L is light color terpene phenolic resin, used in chloroprene adhesive and hot melt adhesive as an efficient tackifier resin.

TR-901L has narrow molecular weight distribution and some polar group, it is widely compatible with various kind of elastomers and resins. And soluble in various kind of solvents, notwithstanding polar group and non-polar group.

TR-901L is especially used in graft polychloroprene adhesive that is mainly used for PVC leather, since it is possibly reactive to cross-linking agent.

AppearanceYellowish Flake
Color (Gardner) max.5
Soften point ℃115-120
Acid Value (mg KOH/g) max.20-30
Heating Stability(180℃/48H) max.10
Paper bag with PP-Inlay :25kg/bag

Avoid store with strong oxide, damageable articles and in humidity.

Storage is for half a year. If over it, make sure it passes your determination before use.