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TR-526 is Alkyl phenol Formaldehyde resin used with chloroprene rubber for adhesive preparation. To improve the properties of chloroprene rubber adhesive, such as tackiness retention time, phasing stability, heat resistance and adhesion strength.

TR-526 is excellently compatible with chloroprene rubber and an indispensable modifying agent for chloroprene rubber for manufacturing adhesives to meet specific purposes.

AppearanceYellowish Flake
Color (Gardner) max.4
Soften point ℃75-85
Acid Value (mg KOH/g) max.60-80
Hydroxy methyl %10-14
Paper bag with PP-Inlay :25kg/bag

Avoid store with strong oxide, damageable articles and in humidity.

Storage is for half a year. If over it, make sure it passes your determination before use.