Nurcacit DTDC(CLD)

Nurcacit DTDC(CLD)

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CHEMICAL NAME: Dithiocaprolactame;CLD;1,1,-Dithiobis(hexahydro-2H-azepin-2-one)

CAS NO.: 23847-08-7


Nurcacit DTDC is a non-coloring sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubber and latex, especially for low sulfur vulcanization, salt bath vulcanization, injection molding and for vulcanization of thick-walled products. It provides mono and di sulfur bridges which are more stable than those formed by elemental sulfur. In contrast to other sulfur donors, Nurcacit DTDC does not form nitrosamines which can cause cancer and is thus a very safe rubber additive.

Appearance:White to yellowish powder
Melting area(℃) min.120
Heating Loss (60℃)(%) max.0.5
Ash (900℃)(%) max.0.5
Sieve Residue (150um)(%) max.0.10
Bag:20kg paper bag with PE-inlay