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Chloroprene rubber SN241 is high bond strength, it is obtained by mercaptan modified and chloroprene monomer by emulsion polymerization with high rate of crystallization, for using a Nairit recipe and process technology. It can be seen as an equivalent to Dupont AD-10 of the United States.

Properties and Characteristics

Chloroprene rubber SN241,which has a fast rate of crystallization and stronger cohesion, has lower viscosity among the SN241-series, compared with CR244, has better solubility and uniformity, preparing adhesive cements by SN241 is light in color and storage stability. It has excellent bond strength, quick grips, easy handling and the adhesion layer to keep a long time, can be dissolved in toluene or mixed solvents. It exhibits resistant to ozone, weather, oil, chemical corrosion, and extension of the fine is not flammable. It has the same applied properties as Dupont AD-10 of the United States.

A correlation of SN241 with Major Competitive Grades


SN241, which is a basic raw material for preparing adhesive cements, can be used alone of combination with other types, especially, suitable for preparing spraying adhesive. Adhesive is suitable for bonding of the shoe industry, rubber leather, wood, metal and construction materials

Appearance:White or light yellow chips, with talcum as a release agent, no mechanical impurities
Brookfield solution viscosity

Mpa.s (5% toluene solution at 25℃)

Mass fraction of volatiles (wt.%)max.1.3
Mass fraction of ash (wt.%)max.1.0