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Chloroprene rubber SN232 is a general purpose. It is obtained by mercaptan modified and Chloroprene monomer by emulsion polymerization with medium rate of crystallization ,for using a Nairit recipe and process technology. It can be seen as an equivalent to Dupont W of the United States.

Properties and Characteristics

SN232, which has good properties of physical mechanics and plasticization, compared with CR232. is superior in process ability, can be mixed without mastication, the surface of sheet is flat and smooth and non-stick to the mill rolls, is used in the form of a blend with many types of chloroprene rubber, has very lower compression set and excellent elasticity, has the same process ability as that of Dupont W from the United States. It exhibits resistant to oil, chemical, sunlight, abrasion, as well as extension of the line is not flammable and better storage stability, is widely used in general rubber products.

A correlation of SN232 with Major Competitive Grades



SN232, which is the most widely used grade of neoprene, especially suitable for production things of the conveyor belts, extruded bars, a variety of hoses, tapes and adhesives, rubber seals, as well as wire and cable jackets, etc.

Appearance:White or grew chips, with talcum as a release agent, no mechanical impurities
Mooney viscosity ML(1+4)100℃42-54
Mooney scorch MSt5min.12
Module at 500% elongation (MPa)2-5
Tensile Strength (MPa)min.13
Ultimate elongation (%)min.700
Mass fraction of volatiles (wt.%)max.0.8
Mass fraction of ash (wt.%)max.1.0