Carbon black may spontaneously ignite


Carbon black may spontaneously ignite

Carbon black is actually a substance that is easily self-igniting. It spontaneously ignites when the surrounding ambient temperature reaches a critical point of ignition. In the carbon black production process, the outside air enters the carbon black collection or air supply system, which can ignite the combustible exhaust gas and even explode. At the beginning, some moisture and volatile gases will escape. When the temperature reaches the ignition temperature, the mass is drastically reduced. At this time, the combustion in oxygen releases carbon dioxide.

The carbon black ignition points of different kinds of different processes are different, mainly related to carbon black density, volatile gas content, ash content and structure. However, in general, the ignition temperature of the channel black is about 290 ° C, and the ignition temperature of the furnace black is between 350 and 380 ° C.

Therefore, in the process of carbon black production, transportation and storage, in addition to the moisture-proof measures, it is necessary to prevent the natural phenomenon of carbon black. For example, the collection system should not be mixed with air, and the packaging temperature should be lower than 80 °C.

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