Nurvinox 6PPD

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CHEMICAL NAME: N(1,3-Dimthylbutyl)-N’-Phenyl-P-Phenylenediamine M Complex
CAS NO.: 793-24-8
This is an excellent anti-ozone agent. It has the similar performance to traditional 6PPD. It is improved in agglomeration in summer so that it is easier to weight and use. It also has a fine protection to thermal oxygen and harmful metal ions.
It is made through special complexation technics by using organic salt as the central ion. The molecular weight increased after complexing couples of molecules together so that the melting process is prolonged. Thus the agglomeration in hot temperature is effectively improved. It’s more convenient for transporting and using. Meanwhile, the molecular structure of the single molecule doesn’t change so it remains the performance in anti-aging and it reduces the hormesis effect to people further. It’s environmentally friendly.
It is widely used in rubber products under stress dynamically or statically and which are out of shape periodically. It’s the best choice for tires,conveyer belts and so on.
Appearance:Grey purple to Brown Purple powder
Melting Point(℃) min.44.0
Heating Loss(%) max.0.50
Oxide Content after Ignition(%) max.16.8
Usage and Dosage:
Put this product to the mixing system of gross rubber with the same quantity as the original 6PPD without changing the formula. No bloom appears.
Bag:25 Kg (net) Or other kind of package clients need