Nurcacit TBTD

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CHEMICAL NAME: Tetrabutyl thiuram disulphide

CAS NO.: 53880-86-7


As the super accelerator and vulcanizing agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber; active sulfur content is 7.5%. For this product is easy to disperse and it is pollution free and no crocking, so it is usually used for producing inner tube, rubberized fabric, rubber overshoes, rubber plug, industrial product, sealing product, etc.


Appearance:Particle dark brown or pale yellow oily liquid
Ash content(%) max.0.1
Heating Loss(%) max.1.5
Solidification Point(℃) min.20
Its pure product is dust color oily liquid, becomes solid in winter. Relative density: 1.05-1.1 ,its freezing point is not lower than 20℃. It dissolve in most of the solvents, does not dissolve in water. For it is easy to freeze and melt, so it is not good for packing and transportation, so usually use the white carbon black as the carrier to adsorb it; active ingredient content is generally 70%; stable in storage.
Bag:Polypropylene packaging plastic barrels

20 kg/barrel.