Nurcacit DPTU(CA)

Nurcacit DPTU(CA)

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CHEMICAL NAME: N,N’-Diphenyllthiourea

CAS NO.: 102-08-9

Medium-speed vulcanization accelerator. Synergises with sulfur donor to boost vulcanization when used in NR and SBR. Need zinc oxide to be effective. Used as secondaryaccelerator in CR vulcanization and EPDR vulcanization system. Used in latex products, cables and general industrial products. It’s critical temperature is 80º C, so could be used as raw materials for pharmatical and dye and the test reagent for OS and Rh


Appearance:White powder
Initial Melting Point(℃) min.152.0
Heating Loss(%) max.0.30
Ash(%) max.0.30
Residue on 61μm sieve(%) max.0.10
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