Nurvinox TPPD

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CHEMICAL NAME: N-(p-toluene-sulphonylamido-N’-phenylene diamine)
CAS NO.: 100-93-6

Because it has excellent protective character to ozone and oxygen, Nurvinox TPPD can be used as antiager for CR, NR, BR, SBR and their latexes. Nurvinox TPPD can inhibit copper oxidation and manganese oxidation, and especially can inhibit the damage to fiber materials by chlorine released during CR’s aging. Nurvinox TPPD is dispersible, so it can be directly added into rubber, or be added into latex in the form of aqueous dispersoid. When Nurvinox TPPD is used in CR with Antiager Nurvinox ODA as co-reagent, it will perform its best thermal resistance, reduce the plasticity of unvulcanized CR, and decrease the degree of shrinkage during calendering, so is helpful to adjust the size of semi finished articles.

Nurvinox TPPD is mainly used to produce rubberized fabric, electric insulative products and light color industrial products. Normal dosage in CR is 1-2 phr.

Appearance:Grey powder or granules
Melting Point(℃) min.135.0
Loss on Heating(%) max.0.3
Ash content(%) max.0.5
Bag:Pack in paper bag lined with PVC film bag
Net weight: 20kg/bag.