Nurcacit MTT

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CHEMICAL NAME: 3-Methyl-Thiazolidine-Thione-2

CAS NO.:1908-87-8

Equivalent to: Rhenocure CRV/LG

Used as vulcanization accelerator for chloroprene rubber, Injection-molded and technical extruded articles, profiles, hoses, seals, mills (rollers), cable sheeting, conveyor-belts based on CR. Possesses good module, age-resistance and advantageous compression set. Nurcacit MTT dispersed perfectly in compounds based on polychloroprene. As a result of its relatively low melting point (about 60 to 70 C), the material usually melts down and disperses without any problems. Because Nurcacit MTT is a powerful accelerator, it is best to incorporate it at the end of the mixing process together with ZnO. Particularly in compounds with a high rubber content, high viscosity or containing large amounts of active carbon black, MTT should be incorporated into the otherwise finished compound while it is being preheated for conversion.


Appearance:Off-white crystal powder
Assay (MTT Content)HPLC(%) min.95.0
Melting Point InitialCapillary Pipe(℃) min.65.0
Heating Loss(%) max.0.50
Ash(%) max.0.50
Density at 20℃Kg/m31390
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