Nurcacit CDD

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CHEMICAL NAME: Copper dimethyl dithiocarbamate

CAS NO.: 137-29-1

Nurcacit CDD is Safe-processing secondary accelerator for use in black and dark colors. Fast at high vulcanization temperatures. Used in NR.SBR.IIR.NBR and EPDM. Better cure efficiency than WilLING TMTD and WilLING PZ. lowest consumption in dithiocarbamates

Product FormPdrPdr-o
Appearance:brown powder
Temperature of Decomposition(℃) min.300.0300.0
Heating Loss(%) max.0.500.50
Copper content(%)19.0-22.019.0-22.0
Residue on 150μm sieve(%) max.0.100.10
Residue on 63μm sieve(%) max.0.500.50
Oil Content(%)0.1-1.0
Bag:20kg paper bag with PE inlay


Shelf Life: 12 months