Nurcacit DDTS

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Product Description

Rubber Accelerator DDTS Can be used as accelerator for rubber polymers like the natural glue, butylbenzene glue, butyronitrile glue, etc. Also can be used as the vulcanizing agent, Mainly uses in manufacturing the bright colored and light colored product, the rapid cure model product, the flat belt, the conveyor belt, the conveyer belt, the dip and dry product and the waterproof cloth and so on, The obtained product has long service life and good mechanical properties.

Appearance: Yellow or light-yellowish crystal powder
Assay: (%) min. 95.0
Melting Point Initial (℃) min. 104.0
Heating Loss (%) max. 0.50
Ash (%) max. 0.50
Residue on 153μm sieve (%) max. 0.20
Density at 20℃ Kg/m3 1310—1400
Bag:   25kg
    Or other kind of package clients need