Nurcacit TMTM

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Product Description

CHEMICAL NAME: Tetramethyl Thiuram Monosulfide
CAS No.: 97-74-5
Generally used as a secondary accelerator or as a booster for sulfenamides to achieve faster cure rates. TMTM is distinguished by very good processing safety in comparison with other thiurams. High curing activity and no discoloration. Unlike the thiuram dissulfides. TMTM will not produce cures in the absence of added elemental sulfur. It is an excellent accelerator for polychloroprene in association with DPG and sulpur.
Appearance: Yellow or light-yellowish crystal powder
Assay: (%) min. 95.0
Melting Point Initial (℃) min. 104.0
Heating Loss (%) max. 0.50
Ash (%) max. 0.50
Residue on 153μm sieve (%) max. 0.20
Density at 20℃ Kg/m3 1310—1400
Bag: 25kg
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