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Product Description

Physical Properties:

In room temperature, this product is a yellowish transparent semi-solid material, non-toxic and tasteless. Has good chemical stability and resistance to heat, ozone, acid, UV resistant, weather resistance and other properties. Its volume resistivity is high, the expansion coefficient is small, non-dielectric, electric insulation, thermal decomposition residue-free, and polyethylene, paraffin, etc. have a good compatibility. Soluble in gasoline, benzene and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, alcohol solvents, good shear stability.

Main Applications:
The sealants:

polyisobutylene excellent resistance to air, anti-aging and weathering characteristics and the characteristics of vapor impermeable, very suitable for the production of sealants and insulating glass sealant, can increase the flexibility of their products and permeability .

Rubber Modified:

Polyisobutylene with excellent resistance to aging and plasticity, can be used for rubber modified. Are widely used in high voltage insulation adhesive tape, rubber sealing strips and other manufacturing.

The Paraffin:

Polyisobutylene and paraffin or microcrystalline wax mixture, it will increase its tensile strength in performance and improve its product crispness, especially for frozen food packaging, it has a higher flexibility and resistance to acid.

The ink from adding polyisobutylene dispersant thickening agent role, such as printing ink paste inks, polyethylene rotogravure, ink, printing ink from polyisobutylene tackifier role, to prevent ink chapped.

The grease adding polyisobutylene viscosity can improve their products and extreme pressure performance.
Polymer modification, stretch film, tackifying masterbatch, damping grease, etc.

Grade Volatiles Staudinger Index Viscosity Average Molecular Weight Antioxidants
PIB 350 1.0% max. 21.5-26.0 35000
PIB 450 1.0% max. 26.5-31.0 45000
PIB 550 1.0% max. 31.5-36 55000
PIB 650 1.0% max. 35.5-39 65000
PIB 750 1.0% max. 39-43 75000
PIB 850 1.0% max. 43-47 85000
PIB 950 1.0% max. 47-52 95000