Nurvinox AO-L

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Product Description

CHEMICAL NAME: Butylated reaction product of p-Cresol and dicyclopantadiene
Corresponding Trademark: Wingstay L, Lowinox CPL

CAS NO.: 68610-51-5

It has high activity and low volatility, mainly used to protect light colored and color-contamination free compounds (better than 264, 2246). It is also used in polymer processing, especially for the latex products (foamed rubber, impregnated rubber and rubber-filament product), rubber gum product and adhesive. Antioxidant AO L can protect natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene, and also can serve as the highly effective additive to the polyphenol.

Appearance: Off-white powder or Light-Yellow flake
Melting Point Initial (℃) min. 115
Ash Content (%) max. 0.10
Volatility Content (%) max. 0.50
Density at 20℃ Kg/m3 1100
Bag 25kg
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