Nurcacit BIPB

Nurcacit BIPB

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Product Description

CHEMICAL NAME: Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropyl)benzene
CAS NO.: 2212-81-9 or 25155-25-3
EINECS: 246-678-3
Structure:  Nurcacit BIPB
Molecular Formula: C6H4 [C(CH3)2 OOC(CH3)3] 2


Products Appearance content% Carrier Melting point
BIPB 96 White to yellowish crystal ≥96 / 40-50
BIPB 40A White granular 39-41 CaCO3(54-56%) Silica (4-6%)



BIPB 40B White powder 39-41 CaCO3(54-56%) Silica (4-6%)


BIPB 40C White powder 39-41 Silica /
BIPB 40D White powder 39-41 Clay /



Insoluble in water, partly dissolving in alcohol, ether, benzene, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents. Active oxygen content: 9.45%. Decomposing temp.& Half-life period:1 min. on temp. 182℃; 10hrs. on temp. 118-120℃


Nurcacit BIPB is a widely used curing agent for plastics and rubbers, such as CPE, EPDM, EVA, silicone rubber, NBR and fluororubber. Compared with DCP, BIPB is more efficient at less dosage and odor free in the processing and final products.


Packed in cartons with PE bags inside. N.W.:20kg.


Stable at normal temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight, strong acids, reductive agents and violent shaking during transportation or storage.